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Weekly briefings

Alex the Great takes place over four ‘weeks’, in each of which the Alexes will talk in pairs for 20 minutes.

The weeks have themes, and these are:

  • Week 1 — Water Week — creating
  • Week 2 — Air Week — planning
  • Week 3 — Earth Week — making
  • Week 4 — Fire Week — performing
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Each week, to help them with making the conversation more comfortable and fun, the Alexes are given a set of prompt questions that they can ask each other, and an activity that they can do together.

Here below you can click through to see the four sets of questions and activities, combined onto convenient worksheets. If you’re going to be taking part in the larp, you can look at them now so you know what to expect, if you like — or wait to be surprised by them on the day, if that would be more fun.

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