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You’ll have seen that, after each conversation, the ‘viewing public’ will vote on how they’ve seen each Alex during that week. They will give them each a score out of 10 on how Inspiring, Lovable, and Entertaining they came across as being — and these will also be averaged for an overall score. Then, at the end of the show, the final ranking of Alexes will be based on the averages of these scores across all four weeks.

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The Alexes will know what scores the audience has given them — these will be announced at the start of each new week. So this may give them an incentive to try harder, do something different, etc, in the conversation that’s about to start.

How does this work in the larp?

Well, basically, you as participants run it. You are each responsible for assigning the audience votes for your own Alex, in each of the four weeks. And you have complete freedom to assign any score from 0 to 10 in each of the three categories. You will do this immediately after finishing that week’s conversation.

How to decide what scores to give?

If you want to, you could just assign numbers at random: that would be absolutely fine. But more likely you’ll want to use the scores, as they progress week by week, to shape your Alex’s emotional and psychological journey through the show.

Things to perhaps consider:

  • During the conversation that you larped, how good was your Alex (actually and objectively) at appearing inspiring, lovable, and/or entertaining?
  • How might the TV producers have edited the footage to make them appear more, or less, so?
  • How might the viewing public have reacted to your Alex? Sometimes their votes can be based on irrational impressions.

And then from a more meta perspective:

  • How much do you want your Alex to actually succeed in the contest?
  • Should their journey be a consistent progress, or have ups and downs?
  • How have the other participants been scoring their Alexes? — might you need to adjust your scores, to get the overall results that you’re looking for?
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But how do I actually vote?

We’ll put a link to the voting form into the Discord server. It’s a simple form: you just have to say which Alex you’re playing, which week it is, and what your scores are. (It also asks for your email address, so that it can send you a copy of what you entered.)

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